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My own fishing report

I had a sporting couple of hours yesterday on the Mill and Bricks beats from around 10.00 – 12.30.

This wonderful summer had brought heavy rains earlier in the week, but as usual with the Frome this had cleared through – not completely clear, but enough to see most of the gravel beds.  The temperature was probably around 17c, but there was a strong 20mph ish south west wind which did not help matters and consequently there was very little fly activity.

The Mill beat is probably the least protected of the beats from the south westerly winds, but I was pleased how sheltered the river surface was, protected by a few bushes and the river bank itself.

The mid section was the most productive giving me 3 good fish on the bank in quite quick succession – all on the old daddy longlegs – two were around 1lbs and one around 1.5lbs.  I then moved onto the Bricks and caught a smaller wild trout about half way up, then missed my biggest fish closer to the top !  All four safely returned to the river for another day.

The river is in fine condition at the moment - the water flows strong and have kept the river beds clear, the wider bank margins this year really improve the ability and enjoyment of the fishing.

All in all it reminded me that I do not get onto the river nearly enough!


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