Guest Comments

28 August 2018

 Easy access, nice surroundings. Good fishing 

14 August 2018

 We had a wonderful time. Will certainly recommend the lodge to our friends and family and will definitely be back ! 

27 July 2018

 It really is a delight to fish your lovely part of the Frome , so many thanks. 

04 July 2018

 We all had a lovely weekend and thoroughly enjoyed staying in the lodge 

28 June 2018

 We all had a wonderful time and fabulous weather too ! Hope to stay again in the near future. 

15 June 2018

 Very enjoyable day with all trout caught observed rising, stalked, and taken first or second cast. 

08 June 2018

 We have had another wonderful time with you and Clive was his brilliant self as ever  

08 June 2018

 Caught 5 stockies yesterday , no wild fish this time. Good mayfly hatch and no surprise took all the fish on different mayfly patterns 

07 June 2018

 The lodge was a smash hit - great spot and perfect weather. 

05 June 2018

 I had a absolutely fabulous day and caught 6 brown trout on grey wolf mayfly imitation of about 1-2lbs all of which I returned. 

04 June 2018

 We had an enjoyable day on the 4th with success and of course missed fish! At about 6pm there was an extensive hatch of mayfly with the males covering one of the fields. We caught 6 brown all of which were put back. 

22 May 2018

 lovely stretches of water, thank you 

14 May 2018

 Beautifully well kept fishery in beautiful countryside. 

08 May 2018

 Your letter and pamphlet arrived this morning. Very professional stuff and 1st class posted too. Much appreciated. 

07 May 2018

 I wanted to say a huge thank you on behalf of the rest of the family for a wonderful long weekend in Dorset. The Shooting Lodge was fantastic and some of the best views from any house we have hired before. We were very comfortable and particularly enjoyed the huge open fire.  

30 April 2018

 I fished bricks beat on Thursday 26th April , lovely meandering stream. 

28 April 2018

 Wrackleford looks well managed and varied. 

24 April 2018

 We have had a lovely time and would recommend to others. 

24 April 2018

 We have had a lovely time and would recommend to others. 

14 December 2017

 Thank you for another fantastic day at Wrackleford and for your hospitality the nigth before. 

11 December 2017

 I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for Friday evening , a wonderful meal great wine and company, and of course for some fantastic sport yesterday. I thought , given the complete lack of wind that your team did a fantastic job at showing some great and challenging birds. The day was seamless and clearly everyone had a great time and got some good shooting. 

07 December 2017

 Thank you most sincerely for a wonderful days shooting at Wrackleford, It was terrific from arrival till departure.  

04 December 2017

 Just wanted to say many thanks for a great day....  

23 November 2017

 Many thanks again for a wonderful trip. Wrackleford is a very special place indeed.  

15 November 2017

 Many thanks for hosting such a wonderful evening and day at Wrackleford. Your hospitality was second to none and the shooting just superb ! 

15 November 2017

 The shooting was spectacular, and possibly our best yet with fast high partridge flying on different lines to the pheasant. Everyone commented on how proffessionally it was all run. 

11 November 2017

 I wanted to thank you for your wonderful hospitality. I thoroughly enjoyed our delicious meal at your home (the beef was spectacular !) and super shooting over your Estate. 

01 August 2017

 A really delightful beat, with enough variety that there is always feeding fish to find whatever the conditions (I had sun, cloudy overcast & lashing rain the day I was there, and caught in all of them). Properly grumpy, hard-fighting fish for their size (3/4lb to 1 1/2) too.  

23 July 2017

 liked most: Location, overall presentation and lots of seats. liked least: Nothing comes to mind! would you recommend: Yes comments re fishing: Fishing hut was great, presumably an old drowners hut.  

23 June 2017

 Thanks for the fishing day 22nd May, we enjoyed fine weather and great fishing. 

23 June 2017

 A Super day on the Frome, the Home Beat was superb.. particularly the up reaches… I didn’t take waders. Still plenty of Mayfly coming off.. but the fish ignoring them until the evening rise.. all takes were on emerging patterns - mainly may fly (uncannily) More missed.. Super beat…  

23 June 2017

 I have had two great days fishing on the 7 hatches beat 17th June very hot and bright and on the Mill beat 22 June overcast. 

23 June 2017

 A huge thank you for the shooting lodge which we rented in June which we really loved and enjoyed and we will definitely try and book again. 

02 June 2017

 Just wanted to report on a most enjoyable couple of days spent with you fishing on The Frome. We felt most welcome and very much at home in your lovely house and your B&B arrangement was both comfortable and relaxed....many thanks to all concerned. 

02 June 2017

 Just wanted to report on a most enjoyable couple of days spent with you fishing on The Frome. We felt most welcome and very much at home in your lovely house and your B&B arrangement was both comfortable and relaxed....many thanks to all concerned. 

03 April 2017

 Great fun, easy casting, no overgrowth!!! 

13 December 2016

 Thank you again for the two fantastic shooting days you organised. The birds where as expected absolutely fantastic and we had a marvellous time in the Wrackleford estate. The party were also very pleased and great full of the warm welcome and the great organisation. 

24 November 2016

 A fantastic place to stay, remote from the world, full of hunting and beer brewing treasures. A remote track (what would it be look in wet weather?!), fantastic views, comfortable beds, huge furniture. A tower, an outside fire place, gas lamps, a stag horn chandalier, snooker table, vast fireplaces... Glorious ! 

18 November 2016

 It was a terrific day as always. Everyone had a great time and thanks for producing some very testing birds  

08 August 2016

 Thank you again and I look forward to coming down to Wrackleford again soon - it really is a very special place. 

21 June 2016

 I just wanted to say thank you for arranging the fishing on your estate a few weeks ago. We had superb days fishing especially on the Stratton beat; arguably one of my best days fishing!  

26 May 2016

 I would like to compliment you on the superb Wrackleford Home beat. I had the best day fly-fishing ever on a river. 

13 April 2016

 just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed my morning with Clive who is obviously schooled in teaching people with 2 left feet to dance ! 

01 February 2016

 Great venue, fine welcome, excellent lunch and some great birds. Enjoyed every moment.  

25 January 2016

 Just to say thank you very much indeed for looking after us all so well on Friday. It was without a doubt one of the most superb days I have been on.  

05 November 2015

 A huge thank you to you and all the team for a superb days shooting yesterday. Fabulous birds, great hospitality and superb food all in a wonderful location. A really memorable day. 

29 September 2015

 Another great day. Really enjoyed it. 

01 August 2015

 We had a nice day at the Lake on Saturday in ideal conditions with much activity on the water.  

01 July 2015

 Amazing pm and evening, as ever! 

16 June 2015

  It was a beautiful day, and a great place to be on such a day. You have some terrific beats 

15 June 2015

 I also wanted to say what a splendid day we had on Saturday. What a lovely stretch of water. I enjoyed Gaston Bridge last time I fished at Wrackleford, but I think the Home Beat pips it! 

15 June 2015

 The river looked fabulous, the banks were well cared for without being excessively manicured, the fly life was super - with the added bonanza of a ridiculous Mayfly hatch in the afternoon – and the fish fought like tigers. The Frome through Wrackleford is a gem. Such a diversity of river and fishing along the beats – some very canny fish and some challenging casting, but not so much so to frustrate for too long! The fishing hut at Stratton made a lovely lunch spot.  

13 June 2015

 Altogether a splendid day on what is clearly a very healthy stretch of chalk stream. Thank you.  

10 June 2015

 Landed some big browns and learned some good casting techniques. 

07 June 2015

 We had a nice rainbow out of the lake and then four sizeable brown trout on Beat 7 early evening, all taken on Mayfly. A great days fishing and I look forward to visiting again. 

06 June 2015

 The fish are unbelievable strong, exceptionally pretty and very eager! I had one definite wild fish, but other than that, I wasn’t sure if wild or stocked. They are so abundant, I presume there must be some stocking, but they are in such good nick they could be wild.  

01 June 2015

 7 Hatches and Muckleford beats were lovely - it was truly England at its best 

31 May 2015

 Water generally looking as good as I can remember and the banks better than ever! Well done! 

29 May 2015

 It was a very enjoyable day out ! 

28 May 2015

 A quick note to say thank you for a super day on the Frome on Monday. Great fun, lots of mayfly madness, a super spot. 

18 May 2015

 Thank you and Katie for your hospitality and the opportunity to stay in your very interesting family home. The accommodation was first class.  

15 April 2015

 I must congratulate you and you team for the great work on the river it simply gets better each visit. 

13 April 2015

 Lovely clear river and loads of fly life. 

07 April 2015

 Thank you for organising such an enjoyable days shooting where every drive and every peg got superb shooting ! 

07 April 2015

 We would like to thank you all for a wonderful stay we had at your shooting lodge, thank you very much for all your help and we hope to be back again in the near future.  

07 April 2015

 We had the most wonderful stay at the shooting lodge, its surpassed our expectations and was perfect for my mothers 60th, she loved every minute.  

30 May 2014

 I had a great day. I knew it was a chance booking Monday with the forecast rain for Saturday ( I booked as it started) but it turned out to be a great call. A great hatch in the afternoon, caught my full bag and a really nice mix of stocked to wild with the largest wild nudging over 1.5 lb..... A great day.  

28 May 2014

 Lovely location, and great fishing hut on Home beat. 

28 May 2014

 Thanks for such a wonderful day and night fishing at the weekend. WOW you have a great spot and we all totally loved it! 

28 May 2014

 Many thank for accommodating us in your beautiful house and thank Marianna for her kind attention. Very much enjoyed the fishing and the first real evening rise I have seen for a few years.  

28 May 2014

 Many thank for accommodating us in your beautiful house and thank Marianna for her kind attention.  

27 May 2014

 The Frome is a beautiful river...... 

27 May 2014

 Many thanks for a fun day on Friday  

22 May 2014

 Thank you very much for a wonderful two day’s fishing on the Wrackleford Estate and looking after me and my Dad in your charming home.  

05 May 2014

 LIKED_MOST : The nature of the countryside. The river was kept well. The new fishing hut was very nice and the position good. Bank maintenance good and everything had a well maintained feel. 

02 May 2014

 Thank you very much for a lovely weekend, we all enjoyed The Shooting Lodge very much and really didn’t want to leave! 

14 April 2014

 What a fantastic day - thank you so much! We really enjoyed every aspect, and think you have a wonderful estate and operation. 

15 December 2013

 What a really fantastic day! We are still smiling about it. Beautiful birds, fantastic scenery and your outstanding hospitality. Everyone on the estate was so friendly and encouraging. 

05 December 2013

 A great display of how birds should be presented. Nobody does it better, because every gun is supplied by great birds ! 

21 November 2013

 What a great day you gave us – thank you very much and thank you to all your team who made us so welcome and braved the elements for us. 

18 November 2013

 Many thanks for a truly splendid day at Wrackleford yesterday, which surpassed even my own expectations. As always, your hospitality was most generous, and the food delicious.  

06 November 2013

 I just felt that I had to drop you a quick note to thank you and the rest of the team for a superb day's shooting yesterday. It really was one of the best days that I have been on. The birds were fantastic, matched only by the fabulous accomodation, food, and hosting. I really hope to visit you again. 

12 September 2013

 Fantastic fishing, plenty of fish to sight fish to. A great secluded fishing hut to take a 10 minute break. 

09 September 2013

 We had a lovely time, the lodge is really terrific. 

04 September 2013

 Quite beautiful beats. First time that I have fished on these beats. The fish tended to lay in deeper water. 

29 August 2013

 Enjoyable few hours, lot of wild fish sipping midge larvae off the surface 

25 August 2013

 It was an engrossing day, and a good combination of wading and bank fishing, good variety of pools 

17 August 2013

 I just love fishing on the Wrackleford Estate 

05 August 2013

 The river is in perfect order - Wrackleford Home Beat 

26 July 2013

 Loved the improvements to the fishing hut and the general fantastic condition of the beat. 

25 July 2013

 Good morning all 7 fish caught including one very nice one of around 16 or 17in 

14 July 2013

 I wanted to write and say a huge thank you to you both for your having us to stay at Wrackleford – you were all very hospitable and made it a very memorable occasion! 

12 July 2013

 We thought the room was absolutely lovely, the breakfasts delicious, and we had a wonderful walk on the Sunday morning by the river. All in all a wonderful experience, and we will most definatley be recommending you. 

11 July 2013

 Running into a fantastic evening rise of big fish - one lovely wild fish was 52 cm - I would guess over 3.5lbs. It was nearly dark when I left the beat and the river was still alive with the sound of fish rising everywhere. 

01 July 2013

 As always ,it is a pleasure to fish on The Frome at Wrackleford !!! 

30 June 2013

 Two fantastic days fishing for me this week at Wrackleford .Cannot wait for my next time  

10 June 2013

 Another spectacular day at Wrackleford .The late afternoon ,again was something special ,with large beautiful trout readily taking my mayfly .Spectacular surroundings on the upper beat were a joy to observe. 

06 June 2013

 We had a lovely time in Lodge - a very special Ruby anniversary with all the family in such an amazing setting. Grandchildren loved the freedom to play outside the Lodge and seeing the pheasant chicks  

04 June 2013

 Both days were excellent - fantastic scenery, fishing, hut and picnic.  

03 June 2013

 Another astounding day at Wrackleford on the home beat ! 

02 June 2013

 My brother-in-law and I had a wonderful day fishing yesterday on the Stratton beat. What an amazing place and a beautiful, if somewhat windy day. 

02 June 2013

 Excellent conditions, climate and river, lots of insect life ! 

01 June 2013

 The annual birthday treat / pilgrimage to Wrackleford. The Mill beat was simply idyllic with some mouth watering runs and pools. Mayfly trickling off all day and hungry fish, topped off with fantastic weather for a change ! 

31 May 2013

 Great fishing lots of big fish on far bank at top of beat - Muckleford 

30 May 2013

 An exceptional days fishing ! - Muckleford Beat 

30 May 2013

 Well maintained but not manicured - plenty of variety. 

27 May 2013

 Clear water, plenty of fish, great mayfly hatch, very beautiful place, extremely peaceful. Fish in excellent condition.  

25 May 2013

 I can’t even think of words to say how much we loved our visit to you 

25 May 2013

 One of my annual trips to Wrackleford, never fails to deliver. Would recommend to any other fisherman. Quality of fish superb as was the whole day ! - Gaston Bridge 

24 May 2013

 I have said for a while now that the Frome is better fishing than the over rated Test (especially your bit) ! 

16 May 2013

 An enjoyable day on a superbly maintained river. 

14 May 2013

 A lovely day on your fine stretch of the Frome 

10 May 2013

 Excellent fishing and tuition/guiding from Clive 

05 May 2013

 Home beat in fantastic order 

05 May 2013

 The beat is lovely and a most pleasant place to fish. 

03 May 2013

 Peaceful, beautiful beat - Muckleford 

30 April 2013

 The river and the surrounds really are in good condition - the Mill Beat 

29 April 2013

 The beat is excellent with all the work that has been completed above the road bridge .Very easy to fish the river up to the the new fishing temple  

24 April 2013

 In 60 years of fishing The Frome, I can't remember a beat looking so beautiful - strong flow, clear water, plenty of weed, trim banks, elegant hut, blackthorn blossom.  

03 December 2012

 Yet again, another truly memorable day at Wrackleford and thank you and your team for making it all run so smoothly. 

26 November 2012

 I wanted to thank you and your team at Wrackleford for putting on a wonderful day for us. Everyone had a marvellous time (shooting and social!). Some of the guns declared it to be one of the most memorable days they had ever had ! 

06 November 2012

 Thank you so much for such a wonderfully organised shoot at Wrackleford, the whole group where really blown away by the experience (no pun intended!) and had nothing but excitement and praise for the experience. 

05 November 2012

 Wrackleford is always a very special place to visit. I thought the dinner was excellent, the bedrooms extremely comfortable and the shoot itself was fantastic. 

25 October 2012

 What a tremendous shoot, characterised by the open friendly nature of all who are involved. 

22 October 2012

 I had the best shooting moments for a long time. Birds were superb the organisation perfect, the way of the shooting was driven is great art - Thank you very much.  

18 October 2012

 I would like to thank you again for the best Wrackleford I ever had ! Everything was more than perfect. 

22 September 2012

 The Popes made us feel very welcome - very comfortable room with a splendid view. Breakfast and hamper were spot on. The house itself is steeped in a family history that is obviously treasured.  

17 September 2012

 The surroundings and exclusivity of the fishing. Signage for parking. The condition of the river - I think there's a fine line between over-manicuring and presenting the river as it should be... Needless to say it was perfect.  

10 September 2012

 Liked most : How well kept/presented it is. I fished Stratton and just that parking area gave a sense of the care involved.  

02 September 2012

 The day was packed with excitement and the fish could all be seen in the gin clear water 

29 August 2012

 Beautiful surroundings and excellent tuition… it just doesn’t come better than this.  

25 August 2012

 Wrackleford is a favourite venue; rural and calm its the perfect antidote to working in London. 

20 August 2012

 Catching beautiful fish in lovely surroundings 

18 August 2012

 Great day, all very well kept and a good head of fish in the river. 

13 August 2012

 Beautiful quiet beat with wild trout - 7 Hatches 

09 August 2012

 A memory that will give pleasure for some time. I had forgotten just how beautiful a river in England in summer can be - and add in the sheer gorgeousness of the Dorchester countryside, it was, for an expat, something approaching paradise. 

04 August 2012

 The sheer pleasure and privilege to be be able to spend a day fishing a well stocked river on exquisitely tended banks in one of the most beautiful parts of England. I particularly appreciated the open ground on 7 Hatches and Langford Lake where one could practise long casts. 

01 August 2012

 Thanks for a great day. Every one had a wonderful time and lodge was superb. We returned all our fish.  

01 July 2012

 The whole setup of the beat was really good. Your signage, mowing and bank maintenance make for a very attractive initial impression and the website was very clear and easy to use. We certainly benefited from a beautiful evening but even so the whole atmosphere was wonderfully relaxing. 

27 June 2012

 Congrats on the much-improved waterside access. A very enjoyable day  

26 June 2012

 John and I throughly enjoyed our day and found the instruction to be invaluable. 

18 June 2012

 I would like to commend you and your staff on doing an excellent job to date keeping the beats in great condition particularly after all the unsettled weather we have recently experienced. 

14 June 2012

 You have a beautiful fishery and I hope to one day fish it again. 

14 June 2012

 I wanted to thank you for a great day fishing yesterday. Clive did an excellent job pointing out flies to use as well as explaining the technique and rules for fishing an english stream. He was a joy to speak to and to fish with.  

14 June 2012

 Two exciting days in between the rain!  

13 June 2012

 It was a great day, river in super condition, plenty of fish and a warm welcome as ever 

12 June 2012

 I just wanted to email and say we had a wonderful time at the shooting lodge. The house and scenery is truly stunning and I do hope we return one day.  

12 June 2012

 The joys of flicking flies across the narrows and riffles of the bottom of the beat, languids cast into the pool and those more challenging under the branches casts at the top of the I said, the beat really does have the most perfect variety of water. 

07 June 2012

 Near perfect weather conditions, a wonderful beat and mayfly action made for a special day 

04 June 2012

 Fished Seven Hatches on Monday 4th of June ..The river was in excellent condition .By early afternoon the mayfly hatch was heavy and continued all day .There were fish feeding greedily all day on the mayfly .I had five fish , three of them, a good pound in weight and two nearer the pound and three quarter mark. Broken off twice with larger fish  

02 June 2012

 superb condition of the beat with a steady catch throughout the day not only of good size fish but all in excellent condition. 

02 June 2012

 At the end of play 10 fish in total...the first coming to my very first 'practise cast' a lovely specimen of about 3 1/2 lb ....there after 4 similar sized fish then 4 to about 2lb and finally a tiddler. All returned to give someone else a fantastic red letter day that I had.  

31 May 2012

 The Mayfly hatch was superb early evening and brought the fish on as we had hoped and there was activity right up until we left at just gone 9pm.Thank you very much . 

30 May 2012

 Beautiful evening on the Stratton beat 

28 May 2012

  a prolific mayfly hatch on which the fish were gorging..... 

26 May 2012

 12 browns all in perfect condition; Least liked about your day: not long enough Most Liked about your day: everything !  

24 May 2012

 I would not recommend it, its too good to share ! Many thanks 

21 May 2012

 Least liked about your day: Having to go home, after thouroghly enjoying my first day chalk stream fishing Most Liked about your day: The beautiful surrondings, the river and the thrill of catching my first wild brownie  

19 May 2012

 Most Liked about your day: The clarity of the water compared to the Wiltshire avon and wylye 

19 May 2012

 Annual trip to Wrackleford and more than lived up to expectation.  

19 May 2012

 Improvements to your Day: Difficult to improve. I have recommended your waters to my fishing friends over the last year. 

15 May 2012

 The improvements to the river are excellent. 

13 May 2012

 Never seen the water looking better on The Bricks 

12 May 2012

 A really nice location, very tranquil. 

08 May 2012

 You have made the place very attractive, the paths and signage alongside the river bed are wide and clean, all in a very pretty environment. I will definitely pass-on your details to friends.  

11 April 2012

 Thank you ever so much for leasing your lodge to us. We had the most amazing time. I am already trying to organise another time to come back. We all had a wonderful time.  

15 November 2011

 A brief note to thank you and the team for a fantastic and impecably organised day's shooting. It really was a treat in every respect. I shal positively look forward to returning next year. 

20 October 2011

 Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the experience at Wrackleford. It is a lovely place to stay and your shoot is, by my reckoning, a notch up on Temple, Druids or Stockton, so a red-letter day in my game book ! 

20 October 2011

 First class hospitality and brilliant shooting. All of us thoroughly enjoyed the day and can't wait to come back again. 

05 October 2011

 I think your website, fishing map book and river cannot be faulted and I enjoyed my first visit to the River Frome 

23 September 2011

 Thank you for another memorable day and evening at Wrackleford. The shooting was first class as usual. 

23 September 2011

 Having enjoyed another splendid trip to Dorset, I wanted to thank you for both for your hospitality once again. 

20 September 2011

 How could such a wonderful day be better? Thank you for the most amazing, relaxing and enchanting day. My spirits are refreshed. 

30 August 2011

 May I also mention my admiration for the standard of your website, for the whole booking process and for the subsequent information provided. Comprehensive, easy to follow, fast, efficient and yet personalised by your readiness to pop any additional relevant comment into the automated standard process. An excellent example to the providers of a whole range of other online services and products. Vive Wrackleford.  

25 August 2011

 A nice variety of water and a lovely spot. Thank you.  

18 August 2011

 We loved the seclusion of the lodge. 

17 August 2011

 We were on Stratton and Muckleford last Thursday and had a superb day. An extremely pretty stretch of water. We shall definitely book again for next year. 

21 July 2011

 Warm reception in lovely countryside setting 

20 July 2011

 The Lodge is very spacious, very well equipped, very quiet and with nice views. 

17 July 2011

 We both had a fantastic day and will definetly return and agreed that this was the best day we have had. Simply perfect.  

02 July 2011

 An excellent day, sunny, warm, little breeze. An extraordinary amount of insect life including still plenty of mayflies. 

01 July 2011

 Just to let you know that we had a really excellent day on Friday. Overall we had 19 fish between us, taking one fish each. Three of my fish were around the 2lb mark. I suspect two of these were stockies but one (taken at the upper extremity of the beat) was magnificently coloured and perfectly finned.  

29 June 2011

 We had such a lovely time staying with you - a real privilage to be able to share your family home. 

29 June 2011

 We really enjoyed ourselves and the lodge is magical.  

29 June 2011

 Very comfortable, big rooms and friendly hosts 

20 June 2011

 It was a wonderful morning with steady feeding throughout 

20 June 2011

 It was the perfect setting for my family to prepare for my wedding day. Very atmospheric 

18 June 2011

 I really enjoyed my day fishing, the lake was fantastic. 

17 June 2011

 Fish are in beautiful condition - lovely scrappers those wild trout!  

17 June 2011

 Varied water, with a nice balance of maintenance and wildness - Seven Hatches 

16 June 2011

 Lost a huge fish that I didn’t even see after about 5 minutes on the line!  

16 June 2011

 Great accommodation, comfortable bed, excellent breakfast. 

16 June 2011

 Charming river, challenging fishing but with fish visible to stalk so plenty to aim at.  

14 June 2011

 The place really is beautiful and I would definitely recommend it to friends 

08 June 2011

 This is a terrific stretch of river. A steady hatch of mayflies - The Stratton Beat  

06 June 2011

 A good beat with plenty of deep pools even in low water conditions - The Stratton Beat 

06 June 2011

 Eleven trout, two very good size. Still a bit of mayfly activity but lots of other flies in evidence. I even saw some spurwing in the afternoon. The beat condition really is a credit - The Mill Beat  

05 June 2011

 Memorable, fulfilling and a complete joy ! 

02 June 2011

 You have obviously given a great deal of thought to making sure your visitors have everything they need. 

02 June 2011

 The remoteness of the Lodge and the beauty of the Dorset landscape take some beating. 

01 June 2011

 13 Browns, which included 19" grown on stock fish from the Muckleford bridge pool (fins so perfect thought it was wild at the time) and a pure wild cock brownie of 18.5 inches half way down the beat in wooded section - that really made my day & birthday treat fishing the water ! 

31 May 2011

 A warm day, a late afternoon mayfly hatch on the Gaston beat after a lazy lunch, and a couple of pints of Badger. Two fish in three casts, and a fish rising under the elderflower just upstream. You can't improve on that.  

31 May 2011

 A warm, and genuine welcome that makes you feel more like an old friend than a paying guest. 

30 May 2011

 Good length of beat which enables wading. Excellent fishing on the mayfly.  

28 May 2011

 We had a super day at Wrackleford as ever-no comments other than positive ones!  

28 May 2011

 My first (chalksteam) Mayfly experience which turned into a real wildlife spectacular and well worth the trip from our Highland Perthshire loch.  

23 May 2011

 A beautiful lodge on a gorgeous estate and we really enjoyed the clay shooting. 

23 May 2011

 Superb fishing as always, well done Oliver 

23 May 2011

 Thanks for a great day on Friday and for your kind hospitality. We will be back!  

15 May 2011

 Really enjoyed Sydling Brook and caught about dozen to 3/4lb,lovely surroundings with kingfishers & several roe towards the top end. 

15 May 2011

 I spent a fantastic day yesterday fishing two of the beats upon your estate. 

09 May 2011

 What a beatiful house with lots of character. Everything was exceptionally clean and tidy.  

09 May 2011

 What a fantastic set up. Every aspect was excellent. From the warm welcome,the well maintained river, the actual fishing, right through to the breakfast the following day, everything was brilliant.  

09 May 2011

 What a fantastic set up. Every aspect was excellent. From the warm welcome,the well maintained river, the actual fishing, right through to the breakfast the following day, everything was brilliant.  

04 May 2011

 What a wonderful time we had at the 'Shooting Lodge'. It was just magical and we really felt at ease with the surroundings and accommodation. Just what we were looking for.  

03 May 2011

 We had a fabulous weekend staying at the Lodge - as the weather was glorious we made the most of the BBQ facilities and ate outdoors all the time which was lovely. The house and grounds are spectacular.  

26 April 2011

 I just wanted to write to thank you so much for letting us use the lodge we all had an amazing weekend.  

02 February 2011

 Wrackleford is a beacon of how a shoot should be run from every aspect. 

21 January 2011

 It was quite a still day but the birds flew really well, especially the partridge which were some of the best I can remember. 

21 January 2011

 it was the most relaxing of environments. It’s highly professional, but informal and fun at the same time 

21 January 2011

 It is a very informal day, beautifully controlled by Oliver who somehow managed to get both the birds and the guns to behave themselves. I don’t know which is the harder job. 

21 January 2011

 A brilliant day in every respect. The Shooting Box is one of the most delightful I have ever visited and I’m still wondering how to get my hands on that chandelier. 

21 January 2011

 We were completely spoiled by the Popes. Needless to say the shooting was fabulous, but what really made it was the atmosphere created by Oliver and Katie. It was like being on a family shoot, but with lots of birds. 

11 January 2011

 A magical place for Christmas. Liked the space and informality. Felt I could really relax. Really nicely furnished and equipped 

11 January 2011

 Just a note to say how much we enjoyed our Christmas at the Shooting Lodge. Its a magical place to spend Christmas with all the fires and candles and the snow just made it perfect. Thank you for all you did to make our stay so comfortable and memorable. 

02 January 2011

 A Truly Amazing Place, one of the best New Years ever. 

29 November 2010

 Great day on Saturday and the last drive was very memorable both for quality and quantanty All thanks to you and your supporting teams for giving us such pleasure  

15 October 2010

 Fantastic estate, pristine river that is extremely well maintained. 

14 October 2010

 Just what I dreamed of to celebrate Mum's 70th birthday. 

23 September 2010

 The Lodge is an amazing place and we had a thoroughtly enjoyable week. 

23 September 2010

 The Lodge is an excellent place to stay and we were extremely sad to leave the calm peacefulness of the surroundings. 

13 September 2010

 Just to say thanks for the weekend. The house and dinner were superb, and everyone had a fantastic time.  

31 August 2010

 Wonderful location, good water condition and ideal weather - loved the day. 

30 August 2010

 It was fantastic waking up to the beautiful views and seeing the partridge and pheasants walking about , we also had the pleasure of a visit from 3 deer one evening and a fantastic meal at the local pub the Saxon Arms. 

30 August 2010

 We all had an amazing time and without a doubt the Shooting Lodge made our holiday. 

16 August 2010

 It is difficult to find superlatives to do justice to such a wonderful day.  

16 August 2010

 By a long way that was the most brilliant day's shooting I have ever enjoyed, not only in quality and numbers, but just as importantly, in company, countryside and general amusing banter. My appreciation is wholehearted and without reservation. 

16 August 2010

 I just wanted to say we had such a  fantastic stay at the Shooting Lodge. The grounds were incredible, the house was beautiful and everyone we met on the estate was lovely, and just so helpful. 

16 August 2010

 Felt like we had the place to ourselves for 2 days! Totally undisturbed, could really relax and unwind. We fished 2 lovely beats with good variation. Having lunch hampers at the huts was a nice touch. Really enjoyed the fishing in some challenging conditi 

16 August 2010

 Lovely house, made to feel very welcome in a family home. Room and beds very comfortable indeed. 

16 August 2010

 Wrackleford is so beautiful, the atmosphere in the Shooting Lodge fantastic and the boys loved the fishing. 

16 August 2010

 Wow !! I felt so spoilt !! 

16 August 2010

 The details do not do the house justice. It is quirky and odd but this adds to its charms. Site staff very friendly and welcoming - really made us feel comfortable. 

16 August 2010

 A great property away from it all. 

16 August 2010

 Loved the location and peacefulness, I like fishing smaller rivers like the Frome. 

16 August 2010

 I had a family of otters within touching distance, the cubs were playing around my feet for three or four minutes. 

16 August 2010

 A family outing, very peaceful and beautiful setting, the banks and benches are perfect. 

16 August 2010

 Wonderful setting and lots of fish. 

16 August 2010

 First Class accommodation - extremely comfortable - wonderful bathrooms and copious hot water for a first class soak after a day's fishing. 

16 August 2010

 All the relaxation and aura of a real family home 

16 August 2010

 A house that exudes comfortable timeliness - a bedroom and bathroom that is on a par with a great many Country House hotels 

16 August 2010

 Jam at breakfast that was ‘to die for’ 

16 August 2010

 Fishing that was a good balance of plenty of activity yet challenging enough and all in surroundings that were beautiful 

16 August 2010

 A fantastic house in the middle of the estate. Fab breccie, we will definitely stay again. 

16 August 2010

 A FANTASTIC day from beginning to end. Beautiful surroundings, carefully managed (but not over-managed) banks, deer, bees, herons, wrens and robins and, of course, fish, fish, fish. Thank you so much for a day to remember. 

30 November 2009

 A truly wonderful experience. 

14 August 2009

 An amazing setting for our big family get together - love it. 

17 May 2007

 I have been to The Baron's Court, River Meon and The Test in the past but Frome provided the best fishing condition and the quality/quantity of the fish was superb. 

19 April 2007

 The fishing on the Frome is brilliant. It must be one of the prettiest and clearest waters that I’ve ever come across.