The Wrackleford Home Beat
1 or 2 Rods - River Frome
3/4 Mile - Fishing Hut

The Beat

The entire beat is double bank, centered on a charming little thatched fishing hut. Upsteam of the hut the right bank is prepared, and below the left bank.

The Fishing

Upstream of the hut and weir the water is smooth, and deep in wonderful trout holding water. Below the hut the water is more shallow, with good runs and eddies. Waders are helpful but not essential

Beat Maps

Registered users can download all beat maps from the Download Section of this website. On booking you will be sent a confirmation letter with useful information including our Fishery beat map booklet.

Day Ticket Pricing

April 1 - April 30 - £75.00 per rod
May 1 - May 16 - £120.00 per rod
May 16 - June 19 - £150.00 per rod
June 20 - Oct 15 - £95.00 per rod


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