Fly Fishing General Information

This page should provide further information for both booking your fishing day, and help and information on the day itself.


Reservations Fishery Rules Your Fishing Day
Checking Availability / Pricing River Equipment
Making a reservation Lake Accommodation
  Lunch Hampers and Meals


Checking Availability and Pricing
Check availability on our Availability Calendar. Select the month that you are interested and hover the mouse over the date required, a green shaded day will then reveal the beats available, a red denotes nothing available. Click on the green date to go into the detail for that date.

Prices vary per beat / time of year with all prices are shown on the beat information page.

Making a Reservation

1. Online Booking - All availability is shown on our availability calendar (click here), and a full booking of both your fishing and fishing accessories can be made with secure payment by credit / debit card.

2. Email - Check availability online (click here), then email your requirements to and we will contact you to arrange payment and confirm the reservation. The reservation is not confirmed until payment has been made, and the automated online system will still take bookings for this date.

3. Telephone / Post - Please contact the office directly and we can help advise the best package to suit your needs - tel: 01305 267643.


A booking is not confirmed until full payment has been made through one of the following means:

1. Google Checkout - Making a booking via Google Checkout enables you to complete your purchase online using either an existing Google account, or credit / debit card.

2. Credit / Debit Card - We can take payment over the telephone by credit / debit cards.

3. Personal Cheque - Cheques are accepted by post.

Once full payment has been made you will receive written confirmation by post with detailed beat maps and the Fishery booklet.

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Fishery Rules - River

Method of Fishing
Upstream dry fly and nymph only. Please use barbless or debarbed hooks at all times - any fly can be rendered barbless by simply flattening the barb with a pair of pliers.

Size and Catch Limits
To help preserve and develop our head of wild trout we encourage a ‘Catch and Release’ policy, however if you would like to take one stocked fish home for supper then please do. All wild fish should be returned to the river unless injured. Cease fishing when 15 fish have been caught.

A booked fishing day
Your Fishing beat entitles you to fish from first light to last on the day of that booking.

No Dogs
There is livestock in many of the fields around the river, so in consideration to them no dogs on the river at all please

Parking and Access
Most Beats now have a designated signed parking area - please use them only, and make sure that there is passing room for agricultural vehicles. Follow the route marked on your map to your Fishing Beat, and stay close to the river at all times. If you pass through gates then please ensure they correctly shut behind you.

Fishing Huts
There are a number of Fishing huts on the bank for you to use, please do so, but do take all litter home with you.

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Fishery Rules - Lake

Method of Fishing
Single hook, maximum size 10, long shank barbless or debarbed hook at all times. Any fly can be rendered barbless by simply flattening the barb with a pair of pliers.

Size and Catch Limits
Catch limits as per your day ticket. All fish returned to the water should be done so as gently and as quickly as possible.

A booked fishing day
Your Fishing beat entitles you to fish from first light to last on the day of that booking.

No Dogs
In consideration to other users and our neighbors no dogs on the lake at all please.

Parking and Access
Please use only the designated parking area and ensure all gates are correctly shut behind you.

Fishing Huts
Please us the fishing hut available, but do take all litter home with you.

No gutting onsite.

Catch Returns
When your day is complete either complete the catch return book on site, or complete the online catch return form.

No Wading anywhere in the lake.

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Fishing Rod
Fly Fishing rod and line around 8ft long, and quite light is ideal for the Frome, a double tapered floating line is recommended, with a leader of about 3lbs.

The beats may be a few minutes walk to the car, so be prepared for the vagaries of our climate, a cap or hat is essential, and water proofs / warm clothing often are useful ! Try to stick to dull coloured clothing to help with your camouflage.

Useful on all our beats, but not essential as bank fishing is possible throughout, with the exception of the lowest section of the Mill Beat.

Polaroid Glasses
Polaroid Glasses can also be helpful for fish spotting.

National Fishing License
Available online from the Environment Agency website or from the Post Office – by law you do need this.

Flies, Line and Tackle
Month by month fly selection is detailed in our 'Fly Shop'

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Lunch Hampers and Pub Meals

Picnic lunch hamper

Why not have a delicious lunch hamper delivered to and collected from your fishing beat. The hamper includes :

  • Ham Salad Baguette or similar, Individual Quiche
  • Fresh Fruit, Packet of Crisps
  • Bottle of wine / Beer and water between two persons
  • Flapjack / Fruit cake or similar, Tea and Coffee
£20   Add To Cart


The Saxon Arms, Stratton - Closest pub in the village of Stratton which will provide consistantly good food.
Tel: 01305 260020 website:

Riverside BBQs
Picnic lunch hamper Let us prepare a bbq for you and your guests on the river bank. The lunch includes:

  • Wrackleford cheese biscuits, fresh green salsd
  • BBQ beefburger, sausages and sweetcorn
  • Bread rolls, crisps
  • Bottle of wine and water between two persons
  • Treacle tart / chocolate brownies, Tea and Coffee
£25   Add To Cart

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Directions to the Estate

The Estate is 3 miles north of Dorchester on the A37. Driving time from London is 2hrs 15mins, or Bristol 1hr 30 mins. Detailed directions will be sent to you on confirmation of your booking or registerd users can download them from our downdloads page.

Nearest Train Station
Dorchester South - 3 miles, Direct from London Waterloo (2hrs 30mins), hourly service. Click here for train times.

Nearest Airport
Bournmouth Airport - Wonderful small regional airport, 45 minutes from the Estate. Click here for Website.

Taxi Company
Bob's Cars - 01305 269500

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The weather always has an effect on the fishing, good and bad, so do come prepared. Most of our beats have small fishing shelters in case of inclement weather, but the Frome does recover much faster than many other rivers due to its proximity to the headwaters which are fed by crystal clear springs and sparkling artesian wells.

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