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2017 Fly Fishing Diary Now Open

Our full online booking system for 2017 is now live - with the ability to book and pay your fishing online, download beat maps and review your purchases. 

Full details can be seen at :

Aerial Videos of our Fishing Beats !

I am beginning to experiment with filming each of our beats using a Phantom 2 quadcopter - the first version of the Home beat can be seen below.  The plan is to get the feel for it then add the 'real' videos once the weather improves in May. !

With the weather improving we are spending a lot of time on the river at the moment getting ready for the first days fishing on 1st April.  Today was spent on the bottom section of the Mill Beat clearing two large willows that have grown enormously over the last few years.

Midsummer Blast 2015


At Mintere House

(Formerly known as the Dorset Lobster Shoot




Henry and Sophie Digby are kindly hosting the 2015 Midsummer Blast at their home at Minterne.  You are invited to bring a team of four guns to shoot and to dinner at Minterne House afterwards with wives and partners. The shoot will include the famous flying Gnats.

Further details from Alison Hawes at or Tel:  01752 830430 or 07710 836806.

A reminder to save the date in your diaries.  Further details to follow. 

Shooting will be from 12 noon and there will be a bar and BBQ available throughout the day.  A drinks and dinner party will take place within Minterne House with drinks and canapés from 7.30pm and dinner at 8.30pm during which there will be an Auction of very unique Lots.   

2015 Diary Open
Countdown to the start of the fishing season !
 Natural chalkstream fly fishing at its best........
Whilst in the midst of winter it is always nice to contemplate warmer days on the river - Tuesday at Wrackleford felt spring like with a warming sun tempting me to turn my thoughts towards the fishing season. (of course Wednesday followed with rain, sleet and gale force winds !)
The next couple of months will be spent getting the river prepared for the coming season - fences to be repaired, branches to be trimmed, banks to be mown.
All of the 8 well stocked beats now have fishing huts - either picturesque thatched ones, or shelters just in case we get any more rain !  All of the beats now have the well tended wide banks - all the fences have now been moved back to at least 15 feet from the river.
"The sheer pleasure and privilege to be be able to spend a day fishing a well stocked river on exquisitely tended banks in one of the most beautiful parts of England."
Fishery Fact File
New for 2013 !
  • Dry fly chalkstream fishery
  • Stillwater lake for tuition and practice
  • 8 exclusive fishing beats
  • Regular stockings throughout the season
  • Wide fishing banks
  • Fishing Huts
  • Accommodation


Please do give me a call or send over an email if you need any more information.
All the best and looking forward to welcoming you to the riverbank this coming season.
Oliver Pope
Oliver Pope
Tel : 01305 267643 
Mob:  07980 694487

My own fishing report

I had a sporting couple of hours yesterday on the Mill and Bricks beats from around 10.00 – 12.30.

This wonderful summer had brought heavy rains earlier in the week, but as usual with the Frome this had cleared through – not completely clear, but enough to see most of the gravel beds.  The temperature was probably around 17c, but there was a strong 20mph ish south west wind which did not help matters and consequently there was very little fly activity.

The Mill beat is probably the least protected of the beats from the south westerly winds, but I was pleased how sheltered the river surface was, protected by a few bushes and the river bank itself.

The mid section was the most productive giving me 3 good fish on the bank in quite quick succession – all on the old daddy longlegs – two were around 1lbs and one around 1.5lbs.  I then moved onto the Bricks and caught a smaller wild trout about half way up, then missed my biggest fish closer to the top !  All four safely returned to the river for another day.

The river is in fine condition at the moment - the water flows strong and have kept the river beds clear, the wider bank margins this year really improve the ability and enjoyment of the fishing.

All in all it reminded me that I do not get onto the river nearly enough!


Mayfly Season is NOW !
The Wrackleford Estate
Mayflies are finally here !

After weeks of drought, rain, cold weather and everything else that could have been thrown at us the next couple of weeks or so should provide some really exciting fishing ! 
Wrackleford Mayfly
The Mayfly period has arrived !

I have just come off the river having seen the first really proper Mayfly hatch, with the trout showing interest for the first time.

The forecast seems set for the time being, so if you do have the opportunity then do try and visit over the next few weeks - the river has now plenty of water, and exceptional clarity.  The banks are all prepared and ready for your trip !

Give me a call on 01305 267643
or book online at 

Oliver Pope


Oliver Pope
Tel: 01305 267643
Mob: 07980 694487
The Dorset High Five

A unique opportunity; five of Dorset's finest shoots will each be contributing one of their signature drives to the Dorset Lobster Shoot Auction on Saturday 26th May 2012, making a very special day's shooting for a full line of 8 guns for either this or next season.


A chance to see 5 Estates with stunning, chalk valleys, and sample hospitality at them all!


The shoots are Alton Pancras, Minterne, Sydling, Up Cerne, and Wrackleford with the proceeds going to be shared between Countryside Alliance Foundation (charity no. 1121034) and Julia's House, the wonderful Dorset children's hospice (charity no. 1067125).


If you are interested in either bidding for this auction lot, or attending the clay shoot then please contact Mark Firth on 07721 756222. 

Learn More...

My chance on the river.......

With the river on my doorstep I am generally guilty of not enjoying it enough - there always seem to be too many other things to be done, but last week I fished elsewhere on Thursday and at Wrackleford on Friday.  The second day renewed my love of the sport - within a few minutes of wading gently up the river at 7 Hatches I missed a couple of fish - missed as I was guilty of enjoying everything else going on - a duck with her mature brood splashing around a little further up and plenty of fly life to keep trout regularly rising.

The Daddly Longlegs was the most successful fly I used - and helped me land several fish during the day, both on the river and on the Stillwater lake at Langford. 

With water levels restored for the time being and the clarity of water superb the fishing is now as good as it has been all season.


A Fisherman's Journey......

Tony Mair has set out to catch a fish in every county of the UK, and despite an unconvincing first visit elsewhere on the Frome he returned and fished the Wrackleford Home Beat recently with an altogether different result.

"My second visit to the Frome was entirely better….memorable, fulfilling and a complete joy!"

Despite a slightly adverse condition day the river fished well and gave for a completely memorable experience, particulary the second fish :

"The second, fought like a demon, and I believe it to be the largest brown I have taken from an English river at between 2 ½ and 2 ¾ lbs….and even better"

You can find out more about his adventures around the country and read the full blog article on his visit at

Mayfly Season in Full Swing

The has been much talk of the mayfly coming early this year with the warm weather - certainly we have seen early butterflies and sporadic mayfly however the first evening that I have seen a really proper hatch with them hanging in the warm evening air was the night before last.  The first hatch was a little early, however it has only just developed with this warmer weather - that said I was on the river on Monday and the poor mayfly were being propelled by the strong wind like they carried jet engines !

The recent rain has washed through the river system leaning it clear, and the second growth of ranunculus has left the river now in fine condition.

We are seeing good late morning fly life, which drops off over lunch (opportunity to extended pub lunch !), then the main hatch developing late afternoon into the evening.

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