The Mill Beat
The Mill Beat
Up to 2 rods

The Mill Beat

Upto 2 Rods - River Frome
3/4 Mile - Fishing Hut

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  • 1 Day: £100.00
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The Beat

Upto 2 Rods - River Frome - 3/4 Mile - Fishing Hut

There is a fishing hut at the mid way point for you to use. All the beat is double bank, however one bank is prepared only, so please fish as marked on the map or from the river. The beat runs upstream from the Bradford Peverel road bridge and Mill to below the Stratton Mill where the Bricks carrier divides from the main Frome.

The Fishing

Waders are helpful for most of the beat, however essential for the lowest section as this requires wading across the river. The beat neatly divides into three sections, the section upstream from the hut is fairly open and straight requiring careful stalking of the fish. The mid section is traditional deep slow moving water with tight bends and deep pools. The lowest section is faster flowing, with interesting flows and eddies.


Date Per Rod
1 April - 30th April £75
1st May - 15th May £120
16th May - 19th June £150
20th June - 15th October £95
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